4 Section Transparent Storage Container for Kitchen (2200 ml)

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4 Section Transparent Storage Container for Kitchen (2200 ml)

These air-tight food-safe Keepers are not only ideal for storing dry foods such as flour, sugar, rice, grain, cereals, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee and tea and but they are also perfect for holding liquids such as water, juice, soup, and more. Using this jar you don’t have to worry about liquids spilling out, just push down the handle. It perfectly fits your cupboard, you will get perfect visibility of items. cereal jars will fit even in a small place. It has 4 sections, which divide the jar into 4 storage compartments and maximise its storage capacity. Keep 4 different foods in the same jar. This food storage jar is made from non-BPA, non-toxic plastic. Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. Easy to clean.

Product Features :

These containers have a round cylindrical structure which helps to store more space in your kitchen cabinet. And it can be easily stackable with one another for saving more space. And it also gives you a firm grip while holding the container.

The lids of this container are specially made with a rotating feature. you can typically rotate the lid to select 1 particular food item and at that time another compartment remains closed. It has a separator present inside makes the container to store 4 different food items without mixing one with the other.

With its wide mouth design, sheer body and easy to open and screw lid, checkers containers permit you to access contents quickly and easily. Containers are transparent so no more wasting time opening different containers to find the right ingredient.

Intelligent design to add harmony to your kitchen & protect your food from pests, as well as moisture and air oxidisation. The lids are also removable so that you can easily access the interiors of the jars and refill or clean them.

The lid design ensures that the flavour remains intact. The novel material used makes the container odourless, It has an easy opening feature that is you can simply rotate the lid to open and close the containers.


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